Inner Beauty

It takes time and skill to expose the inner beauty of most gems that are taken raw from the earth. People spend years perfecting their craft because they know that in the end it will be worth the effort. They learn to see the potential of the piece before them and begin the careful, often intuitive, process of trimming off the excess which distracts from the true value that lies within.

We all have an inner beauty that is often hidden underneath layers of mistrust, hurt, and self-doubt. Some end up simply mirroring what others are doing/thinking, reflecting back what they think we want to see. If we become a reflection of the person across from us and they are doing the same in return…where is the value when nothing is real? We are both left with our emptiness, still feeling alone.

In a culture where it is easier to “unfriend” someone than to take the time to really get to know them it becomes extremely difficult to trust that anyone will stick with us when things are uncertain or uncomfortable. It becomes easy to mistake attention as acceptance but they are not the same. It takes courage to look away from the mirror and focus inward on the things that really matter.

We must spend time learning how and why we are created as we are. What makes me different and unique? Why do I believe what I do? What do I actually believe? How can I make a difference in this world? What do I need to learn? How do I need to change? A lot of emphasis is put on strengthening our body, but what about a workout for our mind, soul and spirit? Sometimes we won’t understand our true value until we begin to spend time developing our inner life, chipping away all those things that distract from what is really important hidden within.

We also need each other. We need to learn from each other and grow with each other. It takes time, effort, risk and courage to allow others to see the real us. Are we willing to take the time it takes to really get to know people, accept them, and commit to the uncomfortable times of change as we grow together? Those who know us and love us anyway are the ones who can help us see our inner beauty and encourage us to shine.

Most of all, we need to see ourselves through the eyes of our Creator, who truly loves us exactly the way we are because he wanted it that way. In this relationship, we can be totally secure and accepted. Not one of us was meant to be a replica of the other…we need our differences to create something beautiful in this world. But this can only happen if we expose who we really are and allow our inner beauty to spill out and impact those around us. Rather than being a reflection of something that is not true or real, we can stand as a light which shows others how to live freely as they were meant to.