Light Exposure

What we try to keep hidden will control what we think and do. If we are hiding an insecurity, we will use most of our energy trying to compensate for it. If we have purposefully been dishonest, we will seek to perpetuate the lie to avoid being discovered. It is only when we allow the light to expose what controls us that we are finally able to break free from its hold on us.

We use up a lot of energy trying to hide our flaws from each other. The commercial media bombards us on a daily basis with all the things that are wrong with us, nevermind the urge to constantly strive to be something other than what we are. We attempt in whatever ways we can to divert attention from the things we have hidden in our own darkness…living in a continual state of some degree of anxiety.

If someone was to shine a light into our darkness, what would they find? Jealousy? Hatred? Dishonesty? Insecurity? Impatience? Fear of failure? Inadequacy? Vindictiveness? The lie we somehow believe is that these and other things set us apart from others who never seem to exhibit these traits. But, in reality, there is dirt and built-up grime in every one of our lives.

Dealing with the dirt in our life isn’t fun, just as deep cleaning our home isn’t either. If we want to lead a healthy life, we need to pay attention to more than just our physical body and clear out the debris of our soul as well. This requires us to shine a spotlight on those things in our life that are unnecessary to our wellbeing. We need to bring it to the light of truth so we can find the way out of our darkness.

So much of our emotional baggage paralyzes us because we think we are the only ones who struggle the way we do. Once we start talking about it, we realize quite quickly that we are no different from those around us. Everyone has issues, everyone has insecurities, everyone thinks theirs is somehow unique. Instead of allowing these things to separate us, we need to refuse to give power to the darkness.

It takes courage to bring our darkness into the light so that we can be set free to live the life we are meant to live. Once everything is exposed in the light, we will have nothing more to fear in the dark. And, if we have nothing to hide away in the dark, we have nothing to fear being exposed to the light.

Our fear of the dark will only keep us scrambling to remain hidden. The light of the truth will set us free. God can help us let go of those things in our life that aren’t real…no more need to pretend to be what we are not. We can boldly stand up in what we believe without the fear of being discredited by our hypocrisy…no longer afraid of light exposure.