Pendulum Swings

All throughout history we have seen the pendulum swing from one direction to another and every time the reactions are predictable. Each generation believes their issue is uniquely new and very little credence is given to the wisdom of people who have gone through something very similar in the past. If we don’t study and learn from history, we will simply keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again…we either think history is just “old” news or we are unable to identify a connection between the two situations.

We don’t seem to recognize the patterns, and if we do, we tend to ignore them. It is easier to live as reactionaries (fighting against something) instead of revolutionaries (fighting for a specific change)…forging a new and better way. To simply swing with the pendulum seems to take less energy than to change the direction of the pull. It takes courage to stand firm when others are randomly crashing against each other.

The pendulum swings are inevitable as long as human nature exists, but we can be the voice of reason in the midst of the chaos. Eventually, people will hit the end of that particular swing to face the consequences of their choices…they will try to find a way to rebuild from the destruction.

The most peaceful times are when the pendulum is near the center…that is where the truth is found…where balance exists. While the middle of the swing is the most peaceful and balanced, it is also where people are lulled into a state of complacency and forget the effort it took to get there. This forgetfulness leads to misunderstanding and frustration with the current system and our rebellious nature pushes back once again…the cycle repeats.

Each extreme swing brings its own turmoil and downfall because each side has ignored some part of the truth. A sudden loss is often a wake up call for us…when we begin to notice those things that we took for granted which are no longer there. We stare into a big hole and wonder how we got there.

At this point we ask a million “whys” and face all the “what ifs” of what we could have done differently…”if only” we had listened sooner; paid attention to the signs sooner. We are faced with the consequences and have to figure out how to get out of the mess we have created. What can we do to pick up the pieces and rebuild a different and new life?

We may not be able to stop the swing but we can certainly try to slow it down a bit and prepare for the crash. If we are in the middle of the swing, we can appreciate the peace of the moment while being aware that eventually there will be another uprising. As humans we don’t really want to simply learn from the past because we want to make this moment ours…to have an impact that will be remembered. The pendulum swing is inevitable…how we become involved or respond is entirely our choice.