Rumors and Gossip

Why are people so enticed to participate in rumors and gossip? How does it benefit anyone? We cry for the truth, yet all too easily choose to believe a lie.

When I was younger we used to play a game that we called Rumor Mill. Everyone sat in a straight line and the first person would whisper what was written on a piece of paper to the person next to them. Each person would repeat what they heard down the row until the last person would say out loud what they were told. More often than not the final story was very different from the original. It seemed almost impossible to retell something without adding a small amount of personal opinion or embellishment into it.

Oprah once said, ‘’If a fraction of what has been written about me in the tabloids was true, my life would be much more exciting than it actually is!” Many people have gotten accustomed to accepting lies which has now made the truth seem ridiculously boring!

Some advice my Mom gave years ago has always stayed with me, “If you can’t say something to a person’s face, then don’t say it at all.’’ Some of us may have said things to people which maybe shouldn’t have been said, but we didn’t say it behind their backs! It is, however, a wise filter to pass our thoughts through before we speak.

It is time to take control of what we allow into our minds…we can choose what we want to think about. That choice will determine what we are eager to talk about as well. If we don’t participate in listening to rumors or reading about gossip, we will be less eager to pass it on to others. Just because a small piece of it may be true doesn’t mean that all of it is. If it is demeaning or hurtful, it is not necessary or useful to spread the negativity around.

In an age where we are bombarded with too much unwanted information, it is extremely difficult to shut off the sensationalism in the things we read and see. It is up to us to seek for the truth…it takes a desire and determination to stop believing what we imagine to be true and actually discovering what IS true. While it may seem impossible, we need to start with the one thing we can do.

While we can’t stop what others do or say, we can stop participating in it…if we stop listening to and/or talking about things that are really none of our business, other people won’t use us as an audience. If a person is talking to us in that way about someone else, they will at some point speak about us to others in the same way. We need to guard our integrity and not throw it away for a quick moment of excitement.

One person can make a difference. Our decision will absolutely affect those around us and may be the inspiration that others need to change as well. Let’s choose to talk to each other instead of about each other and put an end to rumors and gossip.